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When are scheduled tournaments?

Weekly, regular tournaments are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night starting at 7pm.
Monday and Friday are 9-ball format.
Wednesday is One Pocket

How much does it cost to play?

It varies by tournament but generally there is a $20 entry fee. Depending on turn-out, there may be an option to buy back in.

What do I get if I win?

Depending on the size of turnout, each person who places in the tournament will get a portion of the pot. Cash money!

Are they handicapped?

Each tournament is handicapped. Expect to start as a high skill level before we get to know you and your playstyle! Our directors try to be fair and impartial but are open to feedback.

What about other tournaments?

We also host the yearly Richard Sweet Memorial Tournament in June. Click here for this year's flyer!


When is league play?

Mr. Cue's hosts APA Atlanta League Sunday through Thursday!
Mr. Cue's also hosts BCA 8-Ball on Tuesday nights starting at 7pm.
Talk to Bob Lea for more information
Come talk to a division manager today about joining a team.
Start time is 7pm during the week and 2pm on Sunday.

How much does it cost to play?

There is a $25 yearly membership fee. Every time you play a match, you pay $11.

What benefits do you give to league players?

League players receive free practice from 7pm until close (on nights your team plays)
We also give a 10% discount on anything in the Pro-Shop!
If that wasn't enough, League Players also receive $1 off any pitcher of beer they purchase (that isn't already on special).

Where can I get more information about joining the league?

Visit APA Atlanta's website or come in to talk to a division manager!
You can also visit us on Facebook to look for a team!


How does table time work?

Table time is charged by the hour and pro-rated by the minute.
Once you leave the bar with your rack of balls, the timer starts.
If you only play for 30 minutes, you're only charged for 30 minutes!
For more information on our rates, check out the home page.

This place is huge! How many tables do you have?

Mr. Cue's has 38 Brunswick tables, 2 Diamond double-shimmed tables, and 2 English Snooker tables.
Come check out the largest pool hall in the South East!

The tables are in great condition! How do you manage?

We're very proud of our pool tables at Mr. Cue's.
We do regular maintenance on the tables nightly, re-felt at least twice yearly, and ask all patrons to treat our tables with respect.
We ask that you not do anything to damage the tables such as smoking over the tables, placing drinks or food on the tables, or sitting on our tables.
Don't be surprised if another patron asks you to change your behavior if you don't mind our rules!
Mr. Cue's is known for our table quality! It's why we're the place for real players and aficionados!
That being said: Everyone is welcome!
You'll find people of all skill levels at Mr. Cue's.

I'm looking to purchase a table for my house/bar/business

Mr. Cue's is primarily a place where people come to play pool.
We typically do not sell or buy tables.
However, if there is a regular customer looking to sell a table, they may post an add on our bulletin board so don't be afraid to ask!


How old do you have to be to get in?

Because Mr. Cue's is a smoking facility, Georgia law requires anyone who enters to be 18 years or older with a valid ID on them.
We can't accept a photo of your ID on your phone (Sorry! That's the law!)

Is there a cover charge?

Mr. Cue's never charges at the door.

Can I call ahead to reserve a table?

Mr. Cue's works on a first-come first-serve policy. We do not take same-day reservations over the phone.
We do take reservations in advance. Call 770-454-POOL 770-454-POOL to ask about scheduling your party!

I came in the other night and the place was packed! What gives?

We may have been hosting a large tournament. Check out our Facebook page for up-to-date information on tournament dates.
It also may have just been a busy night!

For more information or to ask a question, join us on Facebook!

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